3 Time report

Like in many other companies, @Hypermynds we need to track how much time is dedicated by each employee to the various projects that have been assigned to him/her. This is very important for tracking billable and non-billable projects, as well as to manage tax incentives on research and development activities.

Clockify is the tool that we use to fill the weekly timesheet. You can access the dashboard as soon as your manager have invited you on the platform (you should receive an invitation email).

It is mandatory to fill the time report at the end of each working day or - at least - at the end of the working week. In the weekly timesheet you have to add a new row for each specific project/task you have worked on, providing the total amount of hours/minutes dedicated.

By clicking on the button with three vertical dots next to the hours/minutes cell you can also specify start/end times and a description.

You will find special projects to handle time off (vacation, sick leave, half-day, etc) and for admin activities (staff meetings, etc). If you are unsure how to fill the timesheet report or if you think you have worked on a project not yet defined on the platform, just ask your manager.